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Bahia's Beauty-full-world
About us

About us

About us

Andrea grew up on the beautiful Island of Grenada in the Caribbean. Since childhood, cleanliness and natural products have played an important part in her life, since fruits are the main natural resources in the Caribbean.

Andrea has always believed that Health & Beauty are two essentials that go hand in hand.
She so brought her knowledge of spices from the “spice island” when she moved to Surinam in South America and continued her interest in natural fruits.

She established “The Jam Factory” which was the only jam sold in the country without preservatives and it became the most popular. The biggest food manufacturer in Surinam wanted to buy her successful recipes and include her jam in their line of local products.

She then decided to sell the Jam Factory in order to pursue her passion in Beauty.

Her next business venture was a “home beauty salon”, and the beginning of her dream. The local ladies had the good fortune to be served by Andrea and Andrea was gaining experience. This was the start of Bahia’s in Surinam.

When she moved to Amsterdam, she focused on medical aspects, especially podiatry and gained several years of experience, expertise and diploma’s in this field.

On moving to Norway she continued her chosen field in podiatry and took over Bygdøy Alle Fotklinikk. She quickly became the “beauty & health” treasure of Oslo where many customers have been coming on a regular basis.

Where are we today?

Now Andrea is ready for expansion of her Health and Beauty specialties, which we will celebrate with a Grand Opening of Bahia’s Beauty-full-world in Oslo!