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Pink Ribbon SPA Day!

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Our Pink SPA-day has become our yearly tradition together with kreftforeningen!  A way for us to give back to strong women out there fighting cancer everyday and supporting their loved ones. This day is all about creating happy moments together. We want to give a big thank you to all the nominees sharing their stories…

Pink Ribbon Event - Update!

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Hi Beauties! Thank you for all the nominations we are receiving! Remember you have the whole week to nominate your special person who deserves a SPA-day at Bahia’s in honour of the pink ribbon month. Let’s create happy moments together…

Pink Ribbon Event!

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Hi  Beauties! This month is all about pink ribbon, here at Bahia’s we work together with the kreftforeningen in creating happy moments, and we need your help! In honour of the breast cancer month, we want to give you the opportunity to nominate a brave cancer fighter you know who deserves to be in the…

Today is a GREAT day

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Today is a GREAT day | Bahia's Beauty-full-world

Today is a GREAT day! Bahia’s is working together with the cancer society by giving away ‪#‎SPA‬ packages to ‪#‎cancer‬ fighters and bringing some happiness to their world! A great day for ‪#‎charity‬! ‪#‎oslo‬ ‪#‎kreftforeningen‬…